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"Did this course - a throughly enjoyable weekend in a beautiful part of the country - achieve its aim? Did we return to work on Monday with our cares eased and our tension released? We were in no doubt - because we were absolutely knackered."  THE INDEPENDENT
 "Thanks for stretching out minds and our legs."  U3A
"Our stamina was fortified by the excellent food prepared by your chef."  U3A
 "The weekend was both an instructive and relaxing break, the likes of which I haven't experienced for years."  A WALLER
"Our mentor, Alex, was knowledgeable, charming and patient, explaining everything with an enthusiasm which was infectious whilst she nursed us over tricky rock-strewn terrain or boggy-bits."  U3A LEIGHTON LINSLADE
 "Stress-cycle can be broken by change in physiological reaction ie. relaxation, using up stress chemicals ie. take exercise and a change in mental attitude ie. let's achieve. All of these are tacit in walling weekends."  ALEX BARBOUR
"Stress is the word used to refer to a generalised response of our body to threat of anxiety-provoking situations. It is not stress per se that is problematic for us, but having too much or too little of it."  LYNN LEAHY
 "All or our group wants to say that through Alex, the course director, we gained a deep insight into the structure and beauty of this spectacular part of the country."  KENT GROUP
"Ultimately, it must have been the buzz, and the pride and achievement in contributing something lasting to the landscape with your bare hands that motivates dry-stone wallers."  RAMBLING TODAY

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Reviews / Quotes


Reviews / Quotes