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Place Names

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Halton East - The farm in a nook of land (Old English) 'East' is to distinguish this village from West Halton.
Halton Gill - The farm in a nook of land by a ravine (Old English + Old Norse)
Hanlith - Hagne's hill slope (Old Norse personal name + Old Norse)
Harber - The hillside where oats are grown (Old Norse)
Hardraw - The shepherds' row of cottages (Old English)
Hartlington - The farm belonging to Heortla's people (Old English personal name + Old English)
Hawes - The mountain pass (Old Norse)
Hawkswick - Hauk's diary farm (Old Norse personal name + Old English)
Healaugh - The clearing in the high forest (Old English)
Hebden - The valley where wild roses or bramble grows (Old English)
Hellifield - Helgi's open land (Old Norse personal name + Old English)
Helwith Bridge - Bridge by the ford made of flat stones (Old Norse)
Hetton - The farm on the heathland (Old English)
Horton-in-Ribblesdale - The farmstead on dirty land (Old English)
Howgill Fells - The hills with deep ravines (Old English + Old Norse)
Hubberholme - Hunberg's homestead (Old English personal name + Old English, pronounced 'Hubberham')
Hull Pot - The pothole near the hut (Old English + Middle English)

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Starbotton - The valley bottom where stakes are cut (Old Norse)    more  places »
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