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Place Names

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Caldbergh - The cold hill (Old Norse)
Calton - The farm where calves are kept (Old English)
Cam - The crest of a ridge (Old English)
Carlton in Coverdale - The freeman's farmstead (Old Norse)
Carperby - Cairpre's farm (Old Irish personal name + Old Norse)
Castle Bolton - The village or enclosure with buildings near the castle (Old English). The castle was built in 1379.
Castleberg - The hill with a fort (Middle English + Old English/Old Norse)
Catrigg Force - The watefall by wild-cat ridge (Old English + Old Norse)
Cautley - The woodland clearing with a fish-trap (Middle English + Old English)
Chapel-le-Dale - The chapel in the valley (Old French + Old English/Old Norse)
Clapdale - The valley of the noisy stream (Old English)
Clapham - The homestead on the noisy stream (Old English)
Clowder - The mass of rocks (Old English)
Cogden - Woodcock valley (Old English)
Combe Scar - The scar blackened as if with soot (Middle English + Old Norse)
Coniston Cold - The king's farm, exposed to the cold (Old Norse + Old English)
Conistone - The king's farm (Old Norse + Old English)
Cosh - The hut in the green open pastures (Middle English + Old English)
Cotterdale - The valley with the huts or cottages (Old Norse)
Countersett - Constance's seter (Old French personal name + Old Norse)
Cover, River - Celtic river-name meaning 'the river in the hollow'
Coverdale - The valley of the River Cover (Old Norse/Old English)
Coverham - The homestead on the River Cover (Old English)
Cowgill - The dam in the ravine (from dialect word 'caul' meaning dam or weir + Old Norse)
Crackpot - The crevice where crows nest (Old Norse + Middle English)
Cracoe - Crow hill (Old Norse)
Craven - Probably 'the place where garlic grows' from the Celtic word 'craf' meaning garlic
Cray - The fresh stream (Celtic river-name from Old Welsh 'crei')
Crookrise - The brushwood by the bend in the valley (Old Norse)
Crummackdale - The crooked valley (British + Old Norse/Old English)

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Gordale - The dirty valley or the valley covered with manure (Old Norse + Old Norse/Old English)    more  places »
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