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Place Names

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Bain, RIver - The Short River (Old Norse)
Bainbridge - The Bridge over the River Bain (Old English)
Bardale - The beaver valley (Old Norse)
Barden - The valley where barley is grown (Old English)
Baugh Fell - The rounded hill (Old English)
Beckermonds - The place where the streams meet (Old Norse)
Bell Busk - The bell-shaped bush (Old English + Old Norse)
Birkwith - The birch wood (Old Norse)
Bishopdale - Biscop's valley (Old English personal name + Old Norse)
Blubberhouses - The houses by the bubbling springs (Middle English + Old Norse)
Bolton Abbey - The village or enclosure with buildings (Old English). The 'Abbey' did not appear until 1445.
Booze - The house on the curve of the hill (Old English)
Bordley - Brorda's clearing (Old English personal name)
Brackenbottom - The valley bottom where brcken grows (Old Norse + Old English)
Braithwaite - The broad clearing (Old Norse)
Brindley - The burnt clearing (Old English)
Broadrake - The broad sheep-walk (Old English)
Bruntscar - The rocky hillside cleared by burning (Old English + Old Norse)
Buckden - The valley frequented by bucks (Old English)
Burnsall - Bruni's nook of land in the river bend (Old English personal name)
Burtersett - The shieling (hut or high pasture) by the elder tree (Middle English + Old Norse)
Burton, West - The fortified farmstead (Old English). The 'West' was added to distinguish it from the other Burton 9 miles away.
Buttertubs - Probably named after potholes used by farmers to cool butter on the way to market

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