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Yorkshire Dales News - Weekly Round Up

Week Ending Friday 30 April 2010

A look back at the past week, with our weekly round up of Yorkshire Dales News published on Daelnet.

Help birds plea to dog owners

Friday 30 April
DOG owners visiting the Yorkshire Dales National Park are being asked to help make life easier for ground-nesting birds and their young by keeping their pets on leads.

Garden birds: winners and losers in 2009

Friday 30 April
THE latest results from the British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO’s) Garden BirdWatch have just been published and reveal the garden bird winners and losers in 2009 – up by 78%, Goldfinch is a definite winner, whilst House Sparrow fell by a further 15%.

Join the Herriot Hospice Homecare sponsored 9 Mile Midnight Walk around Northallerton

Friday 30 April
THE Herriot Hospice Homecare sponsored walk will be held on the 15th May 2010 and is a nine mile walk around Northallerton starting at midnight.

First ever garden event ready to shoot to success

Thursday 29 April
TWO top TV and radio gardeners will be the star attractions at Skipton’s first ‘hand’s on’ garden festival by the Mart Theatre – and the first of its kind in the UK!

Funds needed to save English oak

Thursday 29 April
A LACK OF Government funding is hampering vital research which could save the English oak from being eradicated by a rapidly spreading disease, says the Royal Forestry Society (RFS).

Grassington festival tickets go on sale this Friday

Thursday 29 April
We hope by now you have had a good chance to have a look at this year’s programme which is now up on our new and fabulous website...

High praise for National Park’s hi-tech facilities

Wednesday 28 April
NEW technology has helped to put the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the headlines again.

CLA warns of ‘cowboy’ fly-tipping danger as May Bank Holiday approaches

Wednesday 28 April
AS the May Bank Holiday approaches - a busy time for work on houses and gardens - the CLA warns of the danger of ‘cowboy’ fly-tippers, and called for the public to think twice before accepting offers from strangers claiming they can cheaply dispose of waste materials.

A wealth of thing to do in North Yorkshire this May

Tuesday 27 April
THROUGHOUT May Rural Arts have a fantastic range of events and workshops for you to get involved in across North Yorkshire.

Oh deer: a clash in the woods

Tuesday 27 April
A REMARKABLE experiment by a young ornithologist has proved that Britain’s burgeoning wild deer population is a major threat to wildlife – and birds in particular.

Hedgehogs and dozens of other species at risk

Monday 26 April
BRITAIN’S hedgehogs and dozens of other species of mammals, insects and plants could be extinct within the next 25 years, according to a new book backed by the famed TV naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

Party Manifestos: Rural is in there, says CLA

Monday 26 April
THE televised leaders’ debates may be taking all the election headlines at the moment, but political reality is far deeper than how three men perform in a television studio says the CLA, and we should also look at the all the actual policies which may affect our lives and livelihoods.


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