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Yorkshire Dales News - Weekly Round Up

Week Ending Friday 28th September

A look back at the past week, with our weekly round up of Yorkshire Dales News published on Daelnet.

Row over set-aside set-aside

Thursday 27 September 2007
ONE of the most controversial decisions ever taken by the EU - to pay farmers billions of Euros for not growing food - was scrapped yesterday but the decision set off a new row.

North Yorks help for red tape worries

Wednesday 26 September 2007
SMALL businesses in North Yorkshire facing even more Government red-tape from October 1 are being offered quick advice on-line.

Hill farmers want more FMD restrictions relaxed

Wednesday 26 September 2007
DEFRA yesterday eased some animal movement restrictions away from the foot and mouth outbreak in Surrey - but there was little relief for Yorkshire Dales hill farmers who cannot take their stock to traditional autumn markets.

Yorkshire farmers pray for westerly winds

Tuesday 25 September 2007
WITH travel restrictions caused by the Ipswich blue-tongue outbreak in cattle imposed over a huge area up to Lincolnshire, Yorkshire farmers on the other side of the River Humber are today praying for westerly winds.

Don't panic over blue tongue disease - CLA

Monday 24 September 2007
AS Yorkshire Dales farmers face one of their grimmest weeks for five years, with foot and mouth restrictions still in place and an outbreak of deadly blue tongue disease confirmed in Suffolk, the Country Land and Business Association has issued a heartfelt plea to the public: "Don't panic."


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