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Yorkshire Dales News - Weekly Round Up

Week Ending Friday 30th June

A look back at the past week, with our weekly round up of Yorkshire Dales News published on Daelnet.

One year on - family remembers "murdered" daughter

Friday 30 June 2006
FAMILY and friends of a missing Richmond woman are today marking the anniversary of her disappearance.

War of words over bovine TB

Friday 30 June 2006
DEFRA'S promised prompt response to a public consultation on culling badgers to reduce the potential damage caused by bovine TB among English cattle herds is long overdue according to a leading organisation representing the beef industry.

"No Casualty Day" targets drunk and drugged drivers

Friday 30 June 2006
MOTORISTS driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be targeted throughout the course of today (30th June) in a crackdown by North Yorkshire Police.

Harrogate survey looks to affordable housing funding

Thursday 29 June 2006
YOU only have to scan the property pages or glance in an estate agent's window to realise that the lack of affordable housing for local people is one of the biggest problems facing the Yorkshire Dales - and the popular spa town of Harrogate and its surrounding areas are no different.

Northallerton prepares for major youth arts festival

Thursday 29 June 2006
NORTH YORKSHIRE'S biggest youth arts festival is gearing up for its first visit to Northallerton next week.

Moorland managers invited to shooting conference

Thursday 29 June 2006
COME the "glorious" twelfth of August and shooting will once again be providing a valuable source of income to moorland managers across the Yorkshire Dales - and later in the year they are being invited to a major seminar to meet colleagues from across the country.

Business boost for Leyburn company

Wednesday 28 June 2006
A RICHMONDSHIRE firm, which has found a novel use for old agricultural buildings, has received a helping hand from the District Council.

Dales health bosses plan for new NHS dentists

Wednesday 28 June 2006
HEALTH bosses in the Northern Yorkshire Dales are set to establish new NHS dental services in Richmond and Catterick Garrison.

Yorkshire's finest on display at the Great Yorkshire Show

Wednesday 28 June 2006
THE first public display by the newly-formed Yorkshire Regiment is set to thrill visitors at next months Great Yorkshire Show.

'Greenspace Race' - engaging communities with conservation

Wednesday 28 June 2006
RECLAIMING our towns and open spaces from careless consumers and dumb dumpers is the serious aim of a new light-hearted online game launched by a major conservation charity.

Earby kids' t-shirts aren't rubbish

Tuesday 27 June 2006
SCHOOLCHILDREN from one West Craven town will be wearing their hearts on their chests today, as they are presented with new t-shirts emblazoned with environmentally friendly messages.

Partial relief on Yorkshire fish farm ban

Tuesday 27 June 2006
YORKSHIRE fish farmers, facing threats to their businesses similar to the ones that faced thousands of farmers during the foot and mouth crisis five years ago, were yesterday offered a partial escape by the rural affairs ministry Defra.

Court of Appeal rejects hunting act challenge

Tuesday 27 June 2006
IN a judgement that will be seen as a major blow for countryside campaigners, the Court of Appeal has dismissed challenges by the Countryside Alliance and other hunting supporters that the hunting ban breaches human rights law.

Eco-house planning appeal is dropped

Tuesday 27 June 2006
A LONG RUNNING Yorkshire Dales planning dispute is set to come to an end.

Explosive attack on rural superstores

Monday 26 June 2006
AS we reported yesterday (June 25), one of Britain's most respected countryside campaign bodies today issued one of the most explosive reports ever on the danger to market town business and social life caused by the spread of rural superstores.

"Too little, too late" - CLA verdict on rural payments statement

Monday 26 June 2006
DESPITE farmers experiencing continued problems the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) has made some progress with its much maligned Single Payment Scheme (SPS), according to Environment Secretary David Miliband.

Dales kids experience wartime evacuee life

Monday 26 June 2006
ELEVEN young 'evacuees' from the Dales have ventured back in time to check out life in the 1940s in the market town of Thirsk.

Superstore row goes national

Sunday 25 June 2006
TWO weeks after one of the biggest supermarkets in the Yorkshire Dales was giving planning permission to double in size, a national campaign will be launched tomorrow (Monday, June 26) to demonstrate the damage that supermarkets cause to local business in small country towns.

Red-tape roadshow for farmers

Saturday 24 June 2006
FARMERS and landowners baffled by the miles of new red-tape spewed out by Brussels and Whitehall in recent months will have the chance next week to seek expert advice to cut through the confusion.


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