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Nature Introduction

The Yorkshire Dales is an area quite rightly world renowned for its breathtaking scenery and dramatic landscapes. Whether it is the rugged Limestone fells or the lowland pastures the dales are home to a rich multitude of flora and fauna.

Bird's Eye Primrose

The geology of the Yorkshire Dales, along with human influences over the centuries, has made the dales home to the largest area of internationally important wildlife sites of any National Park.

One of the best known features, which during the summer months create an abundance of colour, are the traditional dales hay meadows that dot the landscape. Their number is declining nationally and cooperation between the National Park and farmers is all that is saving them here in our region.

Another prominent Dales feature are the heather moors which carpet much of the higher fells in a rich purple. These are home to numerous species including Grouse, Hen Harriers and very occasionally Water Voles.

Although woodland accounts for just 1% of ground coverage in the Dales, many ancient species thrive here and provide food and shelter for a diverse range of wildlife. It is not uncommon to spot a Red Deer, a Fox or an Owl.

So, welcome to the Daelnet nature page. In the articles listed on the right you will find much more detailed information on the flora and fauna of the Yorkshire Dales.

Over the coming months, Daelnet will be adding regular articles to these pages.

We would be very interested to hear of your own wildlife sightings, or of any other interesting wildlife observations you would like to report. You can also send us your pictures of wildlife or flora. We hope to feature such contributions on Daelnet in the future. Send an email to nature@daelnet.co.uk

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