This site contains a set of images depicting Skipton in the past. We have put them into these pages so they can be appreciated by people all over the world, as well as by local people who may be particularly interested to see how Skipton used to look in by-gone days. We would, however, welcome any information which may tell us more about these pictures to help us make this web site more informative. If you have any information regarding any of these photographs which you would like to share you can email us (



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i. Canal Street
ii. Chemist's shop
iii. Fattorini's
iv. The High St. (1)
v. The High St. (2)
vi. The High St. (3)
vii. The Hole in the Wall
viii. Keighley Road (1)
ix. Keighley Road (2)

x. The King's Arms
xi. The Old George
xii. The Ship Corner
xiii. Skipton Station
xiv. Swadford St. (1)
xv. Swadford St. (2)
xvi. Swadford St. (3)
xvii. Swadford St. (4)

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Thank you to Mr. Donald Moorby of the Royal Sheperd Public House, Canal Street, Skipton, who provided all the photographs that can be seen on the Virtual Old Skipton Tour web site.

These photographs are copyright to their respective owners and use in any form without permission is strictly forbidden. Any enquiries for their use should be directed to the quantum dot knowledge partnership

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