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Activities and capabilities past, present and future:

General Communications
Identification of phone calls to any target telephone number no matter from which country they originate. Specific Russian and American phones are said to have been targeted. It was calculated that in 1992 the NSA's collection system generated about 2 million intercepted messages per hour. Of these, all but about 13,000 and hour were discarded. Of these about 2,000 met forwarding criteria, of which some 20 are selected by analysts, who then write 2 reports for further distribution. Thus it intercepted 17.5 billion messages, 17.5 million of which may have been studied for analysis.

Space Communications
Transmission and receipt of communications and photographic images from space. This will help the US Space Command in its mission to 'see' and 'hear' everything on the planet and enable laser weapons to be able to reach anywhere on the earth within a target area of about six feet.

Classified Projects/Codes
Moonpenny - a system of radio dishes intercepting communications from foreign satellites.
Silkworth - main processing system for intercepted information, a grouping of super computers, including the Magistrand system believed to be linked into the ECHELON network.
Runway - array of dishes directing and communicating with US satellites, including the Vortex satellites operating over Europe and much of Asia.
menwith hill menwith hill menwith hill menwith hill
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