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Road safety questionnaire to circulate in North Yorkshire

[Tuesday 30 May 2006]

MOTORCYCLISTS involved in collisions in North Yorkshire will soon be sent a questionnaire as part of the campaign to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the County's roads.

North Yorkshire is a honeypot for riders during the Spring and Summer months with bikers of all ages and skill levels attracted by the county's network of challenging rodas. Those roads have seen a horrendous death toll among the biking community in previous years and so far this year 3 riders have lost their lives.

The questionnaire, which forms part of Operation Halter, has been designed to help traffic experts gain a greater understanding of the causes of accidents.

It may be that we need to look at introducing further education or enforcement initiatives or carry out engineering work to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on roads in North Yorkshire

Peter Sowray - North Yorkshire County Councillor

North Yorkshire County Council and North Yorkshire Police hope it will assist in the casualty reduction strategy and encourage more motorcyclists to take advantage of Bike Safe - the pioneering scheme that aims to bridge the gap between the basic qualification skill level and the greater skills possible with formal training.

Motorcyclists involved in collisions will be asked a number of different questions, including when they passed their motorcycle test, if they have had any additional training and what sort of bike they ride.

They will also be asked to include details of their accident, such as the speed they were travelling at, external factors that may have affected their collision and whether they think the accident could have been avoided.

Both police and road safety officers are keen to stress that all the information provided in the questionnaire will remain confidential - people do not need to give their names - and that it will only be used for casualty reduction, engineering and education purposes.

Motorcyle fatalities on North Yorkshire's roads

  • 1994 - 12
  • 1995 - 13
  • 1996 - 18 (The beginning of the boom in the sale of powerful sports bikes)
  • 1997 - 15 (The year that Bike safe was initially launched)
  • 1998 - 16
  • 1999 - 10
  • 2000 - 15
  • 2001 - 13
  • 2002 - 23
  • 2003 - 28
  • 2004 - 17
  • 2005 - 21
  • 2006 - 3 (As of 30th May with the main biking season still to come)

County Councillor Peter Sowray, said: "If we can get to the root cause of a collision, we will be better prepared to take steps to address a particular problem.

"It may be that we need to look at introducing further education or enforcement initiatives or carry out engineering work to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on roads in North Yorkshire.

"We hope anyone involved in an accident will take the time to complete and return the questionnaire because by doing so, they could well be helping to save lives."

As part of Operation Halter, North Yorkshire Police have introduced increased patrols and new technology in a bid to catch those drivers, not just bike riders, who regularly drive irresponsibly on the County' s roads.

Sergeant Pete Mason said: "Through the questionnaire, we are not trying to blame anyone for a collision, but merely trying to glean as much information as possible that may prevent a similar collision from happening again.

"To assist our casualty reduction strategy, we are trying to gain a better understanding of rider behaviour and if possible, get more motorcyclists to become involved in our Bikesafe initiative."

Your views:

  • Terrified of going out on Sat/Sun.

    This weekend a man overtook another bike on the steep bend into our village, went through the wall on his bike, hit a shed, dead.

    He crossed the footpath where many tourists and villagers walk. What can we do? Disrupted our lives, wasted time for the air ambulance.

    Sylvia Crookes - Bainbridge, Wensleydale

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