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It's official - Yorkshire air is top quality

[Thursady 27 April 2006]

RESIDENTS of Craven can breathe easy according to a new report on Air Quality across the district.

Environmental Health Officer, John Pickles, has informed Councillors that the air in Craven is top quality and fully complies with all the Government's National Air Quality Standards.

Skipton's smoke control order eases pollution
Skipton's smoke control order eases pollution

As part of a national strategy on air quality and climate change, Local Authorities are required to undertake an air quality review every three years. The local air quality is assessed against the national standard for seven different pollutants, including benzene, lead, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide.

Monthly monitoring to assess the impact of traffic pollution is carried out at eight sites around the district, including Settle, Long Preston, Skipton, Broughton and Cross Hills.

Part of the reason for Craven's high standard of air quality is due to the implementation of fourteen smoke control orders which cover the built up areas of Skipton, Glusburn and Sutton. These require smokeless fuel to be used and so prevent the polluting emissions from burning coal and wood.

Commercial premises are also prohibited by law from emitting dark smoke and action can be taken to deal with premises that cause nuisance emissions.

Stephen Place, Portfolio Holder for Protecting and Enhancing the Environment, welcomed the report, commenting:

"While it is not a particularly visible part of the service, it is all credit to the day to day work of the Environmental Health service that Craven's air is such good quality.

"As well as celebrating these results, we are urging businesses and residents in Craven to support the work of the Environmental Health team by considering the health of their neighbours and help preserve our high quality environment in Craven."

For further information about air quality contact John Pickles on 01756 706382 or go to Craven District Council's website, at www.cravendc.gov.uk to learn more about the service and obtain a copy of the air quality report.

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