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Dales visitors urged - remember the countryside code

[Wednesday 26 April 2006]

VISITORS to the Yorkshire Dales are being urged to remember the countryside code as they enjoy the bank holiday this coming weekend.

Bosses at Hambleton District Council want tourists and locals alike to ensure that they maintain North Yorkshire for future visitors to enjoy, both this season and in coming years.

That includes taking litter home, camping only where it is permitted and leaving property as you find it.

"Too often we see people setting up camp in the middle of the countryside, lighting fires and leaving rubbish everywhere," said Community Safety Officer and Group Manager for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Simon Gibson.

"That can cause problems for a host of people - with the bracken tinder dry at the moment the least spark will set off a moors fire. Tackling them diverts manpower and resources away incidents where lives have to be saved.

"We do not want to spoil people's enjoyment of the countryside - we simply want people to act responsibly and protect the countryside for future generations."

Visitors urged to remember younger Dales residents
Visitors urged to remember younger
Dales residents

The Countryside Code asks people to:

  • Be safe, plan ahead and follow signs

  • Heed warning signs

  • Leave gates and property as found

  • Protect plants and animals

  • Take litter home

  • Keep dogs under control; and

  • Consider other people

"We have had incidents where a group of people set up camp, cut down trees and bushes to light fires and then sit around them drinking all night," added Simon.

"This poses a danger to themselves and others as well as ruining the environment.

"Countryside areas like Cod Beck at Osmotherley and Captain Cook's Monument at Great Ayton are not the places to do this - there are ample campsites where we would urge that they go."

  • The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority recently reminded visitors of the need to keep their dogs under control during the Spring and early Summer months. Alan Hulme, the National Park's Ranger Services Manager, said: "The next five months are vitally important for the sheep and the ground-nesting birds that live in the National Park and we are asking people to remember that dogs don't mix with either.

    "A dog may mean no harm to birds but, as far as they are concerned, your pet is a predator that could threaten them and their young.

    "While parent birds are taking evasive action to lure the dog away from the nest, the eggs could get cold or be taken by scavengers like crows and newly-hatched birds could die of exposure".

    The advice also aims to ensure the safety of pets, as at lambing time it is not uncommon for protective sheep to vigorously ward off any dogs encroaching upon their lambs.

    "Ewes are obviously in a vulnerable state when they are pregnant and they are very protective towards their lambs so we want to try to minimise the distress caused to them and their young at what is a very sensitive time", added Alan.

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