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Recycling gathers pace across the region

[Monday 23 January 2006]

Recycling in Yorkshire and Humberside is gathering pace, according to the latest figures published today by Defra.

The data shows that in 2004/2005 householders in the region recycled ever higher levels of household waste such as paper, glass, cans and kitchen and garden waste.

Residents in Hambleton made the biggest leap in the region: over a third of household waste (34.5%) was recycled or composted, up from 23.7% in the previous year. This means that they recycled and composted more than any other place in Yorkshire and Humberside.

They also contributed to an overall improvement in the region with residents recycling or composting 18.9% of waste in 2004/2005 compared with 14.8% in 2003/2004.

Conversely, the lowest rate of recycling in the region was in neighbouring Richmondshire, where just 12% of household waste was put to better use.

Craven District Council continues to perform relatively well with residents recycling or composting 21.4% of household waste. The figure leaves Craven 5.6% below its target.

Local Environmental Quality Minister, Ben Bradshaw, expressed disappointment that more was not being done by failing councils, saying; "the foundations are being laid as improvements are being made in Yorkshire and Humberside. However, it is disappointing that some authorities are not making the kind of progress we all expect".

Mr Bradshaw added; "people really want to recycle, but we must make it easy for them. Local authorities therefore have to work even harder to make that happen and help our budding recycling culture to continue to flourish".

On a national scale, the figures show that England is on course to reach its target to put a quarter of the contents of our bins to better use by 2005/2006.

The Government wants every local authority to play its part in improving England's national recycling rate. A recent consultation, which closed last week, on recycling targets for 2007/2008 also sought views on the government's strategy on engaging with poor performers. Defra is hoping to publish these findings in the near future.

More information on the strategy review, and the recycling rates in full, is available at www.defra.gov.uk

For top tips, features and advice on recycling see www.recyclenow.com

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