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Not half bad - a massive loss at Bedale

[Friday 21 April 2006]

A FORMER regular at Bedale Leisure Centre is the centre's 'slimmer of the year' after losing an incredible ten stones in just 11 months.

Paula before her exercise regime
Paula before her exercise regime

Paula Fox stunned centre staff with her weight loss - brought about by a sensible diet and exercise plan as well as lots of determination and commitment.

Thirty eight year old Paula woke up one morning in May last year and decided it was time she did something about her weight before it was too late. At just over 20 stone a busy weekend had left her physically in pain and determined that things had to change.

"I had been overweight and totally inactive for a number of years and it was beginning to have consequences on my general health," said Paula.

"I had chest pains - as well as pains in my legs - because of the weight. And I never seemed to be away from the doctors. I knew things had to change."

She then began to walk a little every day gradually progressing to around two miles per day. She also enrolled with a local Weight Watchers group to ensure she was not only eating a balanced diet but one which would help her loose weight.

Six months later and five stones lighter she was ready to take on more demanding exercise.

Paula after her exercise regime
Paula after her exercise regime

"I went down to Bedale Leisure Centre not knowing what to expect.

I was fairly anxious - I had never been a regular user before. But I was overwhelmed by the support and motivation I received from the staff there - they have been so friendly and effective in motivating me."

Paula was quickly bitten by the exercise bug and was soon exercising every day. As well as following the programme set for her in the gym, she took in Aquafit (aerobics in the pool) at both Bedale and Hambleton Leisure Centres - where she also joined a Pilates class. And she says the change it has made to her life is amazing.

"I used to have problems just walking to the car but not anymore. I would not be without exercise now - I not only feel so much more confident, but more importantly I feel healthy, fit and a hundred times better than I used to."

The former financial controller for Shepherds Purses Cheeses moved from her Bedale home over the Easter weekend to Dunbar in Scotland where she is now searching for a leisure centre!

Feedback received for this article:

  • Knowing how fantastic paula looks is a real inspiration to myself to lose weight.

    Well done paula you are amazing !!

  • Sally Brown

  • I think Paula has done fantastically well and she is an inspiration to everyone with weight to lose.

    Well done Paula! What an achievement!

  • Sharon Edwards

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