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Country News - 2005

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Breakthrough on Dales homes for key workers

Thursday 27 January 2005

YET another major breakthrough on efforts to provide affordable housing for key workers in the Yorkshire Dales National Park received a warm welcome yesterday (January 27).

Boosted by an offer of £10 million to build low cost housing from the Skipton Building Society, and working with Craven District Council, the national park authority decided to go ahead with plans to provide rented housing for people like teachers, policemen, health service workers and others.

Recruiting trained personnel in these and other categories has become a major problem because they cannot afford the very high rents driven up by soaring property prices.

The scheme will start with a pilot in the Craven area of the national park before being rolled out over a number of years. The aim is to encourage key workers who live in communities within the park to stay or to attract them in from the outside where they are needed.

Jerry Pearlman, who chaired the YDNPA meeting, said: "Today has been a landmark day in the history of the authority. We have given favourable consideration to the solutions to problems that have caused concern to us and to the people who live and work in the park."

Last week, the park went ahead with a highly controversial - but locally very popular - policy of restricting all new house building for sale to local residents only.


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