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Country News - 2005

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BIU World BikeTrial Championship 2005

Tuesday 26 April 2005

Round 1 - United Kingdom


On 23rd and 24th of July 2005 the United Kingdom is to hold for the first time a round of the BIU World BikeTrial Championship. The BIU is the BikeTrial International Union, with its Head Office based in Japan.

BIU World BikeTrial Championship 2005

The event is being organised by the sport's UK governing body, BikeTrial UK, who are the regular organisers of the British BikeTrial Championship. Their aims include promoting the sport in the UK - this is a great chance to promote Britain and its riders to the World, as well as promoting the sport to a wider audience locally and throughout the UK.

Outline of BikeTrial

BikeTrial is one of the fastest growing areas of mountain biking. Performed on both 26" wheeled mountain bike style bikes, as well as more specialised 20" wheeled machines, BikeTrial involves following a route marked through a course of obstacles, going around, under and over whatever may be in the way. Riders start as young as 6 years old, leading up to the adult categories which take on courses almost unwalkable, yet to be ridden along on a bike.

Starting as an evolution of the motorcycle sport that has produced world champions such as local Dougie Lampkin, BikeTrial has been established within the UK for over 20 years. During recent years Britain has produced seven British World Champions, and several more medals have been won at international level.

BIU World BikeTrial Championship 2005

In the last ten years, BikeTrial has grown strongly, led by mountain bike trials being pushed through the cycling press and videos. BikeTrial has been a headline event at both the Bike Show and at the International Cycle Show, which hosted an invitational competition for some of the top riders around Europe. The growth has also seen the birth of several British companies making BikeTrial equipment, some are now major players in the World BikeTrial scene.

Outline of the Event

Britain will be the first of a four round series, following on to two further rounds in Andorra and Czech Republic, with a fourth in Japan. The event will take place at Addingham Moorside in Yorkshire. This is an exceptional venue for both BikeTrial and Motorcycle Trials events, and has been used many times as a venue for the British BikeTrial Championships.

Based in the rolling countryside on the border of North and West Yorkshire, Addingham Moorside is largely an area of rock face, with possibilities of extreme courses to test the highest level of the best riders in the world.

BIU World BikeTrial Championship 2005

The competition will be run over two days separated into three groups of riders, the younger riders on 20" wheeled bikes, the older riders on 20" wheeled bikes, and the older riders on 26" wheeled bikes.

Nearby Skipton will act as a base for around 750 international visitors, with the Town Council and Craven District Council helping with the organisation of this Civic Event. The Town Mayor and Chairman of the District Council will be attending the events official presentations.

On Saturday 23rd July, Skipton High Street will be closed to traffic at 7.30pm to enable a parade of all the riders from over 20 countries world-wide, complete with flags and national anthems.

On Sunday 24th July, the High Street will again be closed at 7.30pm for the awards presentation and the event closing ceremony.


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