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Country News - 2005

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On-line health and safety help for farmers

Tuesday 24 May 2005

HEALTH and safety issues have long been a source of confusion for farmers because the rules and regulations change so often so the Health and Safety Executive has created an Internet help line especially for them..

Aimed at farmers, farm managers, land owners, trade associations and unions, HSE's Agriculture E-bulletin will be issued free to subscribers roughly every three months, giving brief information on topical issues with links to more detailed articles on the HSE website.

Chris Molde, from HSE's Agriculture and Food Sector, said: "More and more farmers are accessing the internet. We have launched the Agriculture E-bulletin as it's an effective means of communicating information quickly.

"As well as informing those in agriculture about current health and safety issues, we'll also use the E-bulletin to remind farmers about seasonal safety issues, such as precautions to take when crop spraying or harvesting."

There are already over 500 subscribers but the actual number receiving the E-bulletin is much higher, as many subscribers are trade associations who forward it to their members.

To subscribe to the Agriculture E-bulletin, visit the HSE website at http://www.hse.gov.uk/agriculture/ebulletins.htm


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