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Country News - 2005

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The great Boxing Day lie - in!

Friday 23 December 2005

MARKET research by a leading brand of pickle manufacturers has made liars of many of us who say we like to go out for a brisk walk on Boxing Day to burn off the Christmas calories.

In fact, most of us to prefer to lie-in late, stay in for a lazy day, and eat even more food, mostly cold cuts and pickles! Researchers working for the pickle makers Garner's came up with the following league table of our favourite Boxing Day non-activities:

  1. A long lie-in
  2. A restful morning with the newspapers
  3. A big cold buffet with lots of pickles
  4. A lazy afternoon with a great movie
  5. A comfy sofa in front of the telly
  6. Peace and quiet after Christmas Day
  7. Reading books we received as presents
  8. Going back to bed after lunch.
  9. Phoning friends to compare Christmases
  10. Relaxing with the family.


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