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Country News - 2005

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"Green" stamp for Dales woods

Monday 10 October 2005

TWO areas of woodland managed by the Yorkshire Dales National Park have won a coveted stamp of approval for the way in which they produce timber in sustainable cycles.

Throughout the Western world, more and more green-leaning timber users like up-market furniture manufacturers are insisting that their raw materials come from forests that are continually re-planted: when one crop of timber is harvested, another is growing to take its place.

But more and more consumers are demanding proof of these "green" credentials so Britain's Forestry Stewardship Council has introduced a certification process to reward sustainable woodland.

Now, two areas of woodland owned by the Yorkshire Dales national park have won the authority's first certificates: Freeholders Wood, near Aysgarth Falls, and Cleatop Wood, near Settle.

Geoff Garrett, the YNDPA's Trees and Woodland Officer, said: "We are delighted we have obtained our first certificates. There are real benefits for woodland owners in having one.

"The FSC logo stamped on timber indicates that it has been taken from sustainable forests and hasn't just been chopped down and replaced. The logo may also make the wood more saleable."

"We would encourage any woodland owners to consider having it certified and I would be happy to provide further information. "

Anyone wanting more information on the project can contact Geoff Garrett on 0870 1 666333 or Ben Scotting on 01765 609355.


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