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Country News - 2005

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Help through food red-tape nightmare

monday 03 October 2005

HELP is at hand for business victims lost in the Government's latest red-tape maze, the new traceability regulations for the food and drinks industry which mean people must be able to prove the source of their products.

The new laws have just come into force under Food Regulations 178/2002 and are aimed at providing swift preventative action in the case of public health scares like the E.coli poisoning outbreak now causing major concern in South Wales.

But for small businesses dealing in food and drinks, like scores of pubs, cafes and B&Bs in the Yorkshire Dales, they are yet another red-tape nightmare.

Realising the owners of such businesses - and many bigger food chain suppliers too - are having difficulty in understanding the new rules, York and North Yorkshire Business Link has organised a one-day traceability conference to be held in Leeds on Oct 13. It is free to small to medium businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber.

It is being backed by Yorkshire Forward, the regional development agency, the Food Advisory Service and a private firm of food safety consultants, Food Processing Faraday.

For more information, contact Lesley du Plessis on 01664-503640, or email lesley at lesley.duplessis@fpfaraday.com


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