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Country News - 2004

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CPRE launches roadside clutter challenge

Tuesday 31 August 2004

HIGHWAY authorities throughout England are today challenged to accept a commitment to reduce roadside clutter on country roads and lanes which campaigners say is ruining huge stretches of countryside.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England has written to all English highway authorities complaining that long stretches of country roads are being inundated with large and intrusive road signs plus cheap and nasty roadside furniture.

This is a problem which has already caused problems in the Yorkshire Dales, where there have been many complaints that views of some of the most beautiful countryside in the land is being spoiled by intrusive signs.

The A65 between Skipton and Kirkby Lonsdale is a notorious example and there were many protests some years ago when some 30 miles of road on one of the most popular tourist routes in Britain was saturated with huge signs.

The CPRE says that Britain's "compensation culture" is making matters worse because highway authorities feel they must sign any potential danger, however trivial, in case anyone involved in a traffic accident might sue.

Added to that is cost-cutting pressure on local authorities forcing them to buy bulk "bog standard" street furniture like bus shelters or seating which are meant for town centres and look out of place in the countryside.

The campaign is challenging these authorities to sign up to a voluntary code to work with landscaping experts to prevent further clutter.


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