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Country News - 2004

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Dales to star in Titchmarsh TV series

Wednesday 29 September 2004

THE limestone landscape of the Yorkshire Dales is to star in a major new series on natural history by presenter Alan Titchmarsh which starts on BBC TV tonight (Sept 29).

Alan Titchmarsh

In an episode to be broadcast next week (November 3), Titchmarsh, the world-famous gardener who comes from Ilkley, will see work underway by the Yorkshire Dales National Park to restore parts of the Dales as they were before intensive sheep farming took over.

The programme will explain the importance of the old limestone industry, which produced millions of tons of lime to improve acid grazing land, and the re-introduction of hardy breeds of cattle in place of sheep.

As an official explains, the difference between cattle and sheep grazing land is the difference between setting a lawn mower on short- of high-cut. With cattle, enough grass is left to allow rare plants and ground-nesting birds to thrive.


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