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Country News - 2004

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Supermarkets ignore British organic food

Monday 19 April 2004

BRITAIN'S huge supermarket chains, already under attack on several different fronts, are bitterly criticised today for failing to buy British organic food – although they import it in huge quantities from abroad.

The Soil Association, which certifies genuine organic produce, says that the supermarkets source as much of 80% of their organic produce from abroad, depriving British growers of a fair share of the growing £1 billion-plus market.

This is just the latest of a series of attacks in recent weeks on national supermarket policies.

At the weekend, Tesco were bitterly criticised for their new policy of opening small outlets on the High Street, which is to alleged to be bankrupting thousands of small shopkeepers.

And recently, the Country Land and Business Association accused the national chains of failing to adhere to a code of practice drawn up two years ago after the foot and mouth disaster designed to ensure that local food producers were not put out of business by prices so low as to make profitable production impossible.


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