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Country News - 2004

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Prickles needs a drink

Wednesday 16 June 2004

THE drought which has affected most of Yorkshire in the past few weeks is making life very difficult for one of the nation's favourite mammals, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society reports.

Small pools or puddles where hedgehogs usually drink are drying up and, because the ground is so hard, the animals are finding it difficult to dig for their favourite food, slugs and snails – a diet which makes them popular with most gardeners.

The society is asking people to leave out water and non-fishy cat food (apparently, they don't like the smell of fish) and, if you have a pool or a pond in your garden, please keep it topped up: if the water level sinks too low, hedgehogs, although good swimmers, might be unable climb out and drown.

"These little things take just a few minutes and really will make a difference, not just to hedgehogs but to all manner of wildlife," says the society.


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