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Country News - 2004

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Killer windows threaten birdlife

Tuesday 16 March 2004

THE British Trust for Ornithology is seeking volunteers to help find solutions to a little known problem which has for years been a massive threat to our wild birds - window strike.

The problems is little understood but the BTO estimates that as many as one hundred million birds collide with windows in the UK every year and up to a third of those are killed.

The trust wants to investigate ways of cutting this terrible death toll like, for instance, producing lifelike transfers of birds of prey which householders could stick to problem windows, hopefully deterring collision victims.

But first, their scientists want to know if there are certain types of windows which lure birds into them: preliminary investigations suggest that strikes often happen when there are two windows lined up at either side of a building, suggesting to a bird that there is a uninterrupted passage through them.

To collect such information, the trust is hoping to recruit volunteers to can investigate any bird strikes and report back to BTO HQ. For more details, write to Window Strikes Survey, BTO, FREEPOST, Norfolk, IP24 2BR, call 01842 750050 or email gbw@bto.org


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