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Country News - 2003

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Enthusiasts Embrace Scrapbook Craft

Friday 05 December 2003

A Skipton company has launched a new title aimed at promoting the joy of scrapbooking to both new and existing enthusiasts. The first issue of Scrapbook Craft has been eagerly awaited by the UK's 'scrappers', a growing body of like minded souls all over the country who enjoy creating inventive album pages of photographs and memorabilia that are artistic layouts in their own right.

Scrapbooking is a thriving industry in the USA and is gathering momentum in the UK with several 'cropping events' across the country held for enthusiasts to meet and learn techniques together. New specialist retailers of products for scrapbooking as well as existing craft suppliers are embracing the new title and its aim to bring together the scrapping public.

The first issue, a free 12-page newsletter, is a small start produced in response to demand from these craft hobbyists. Publisher, Zuzette Stocking, of Dalesway Print & Promotions explains "As a newcomer to scrapbooking as a hobby I found it quite difficult to find all the information I was craving in order to get started with that first crucial project, and so Scrapbook Craft was born. It seems there are many who feel the same way and I hope that the newsletter will ultimately prove to be a great source of information and ideas."

Dalesway offer an album printing service whereby scrapbooking enthusiasts can have their completed albums personalised, and are also able to supply printing machines to craft retailers to enable them to offer this service direct to local scrappers. Initially Scrapbook Craft has been funded in its entirety by the company, however, it is hoped the title will quickly become self supporting with the introduction of advertising in the second issue complemented by the increased editorial contributions and growing subscription list.

To subscribe to the Scrapbook Craft newsletter, call 0800 083 2798 or register on-line at www.scrapbookcraft.co.uk


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