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Country News - 2003

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Going to work on a lord
Tuesday January 2003

A GROUP of Cumbrian farmers took up the old marketing slogan of "Go to work on an egg" this morning (Tuesday) by tackling one of the Government's most important rural policy advisers - over breakfast.

Lord Haskins, who is both an East Riding farmer and chairman of Northern Foods, one of the UK's most successful food processing companies, has been tasked by the Government with preparing a set of recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of DEFRA.

This is a subject close to every farmer's heart and, as Cumbria suffered even more than North Yorkshire in the food and mouth disaster, any advice being given to the lord was said to be "robust."

So instead of having a fairly tense meeting, a small group of farmers invited Haskins to sit down for a slap-up breakfast at a Penrith hotel at which only Cumbria-produced food was served.

This in itself made an important point for Cumbria has one of the most active campaigns in the UK for boosting local produce - a point that would not be lost of their guest because Northern Foods supply supermarkets with mass-produced frozen foods through a nationwide distribution network.


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