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Country News - 2003

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NFU's "intelligent" website

Wednesday 19 February 2003

AS MORE and more farmers turn to the web to keep abreast of the latest developments - a boon for busy people in often isolated districts - the NFU yesterday opened a new "intelligent" website.

The new site, launched to coincide with the union's AGM which opens in Warwickshire today, uses state-of-the-art content management software and a powerful search engine to enable users to find exactly what they want from the NFU's store of policy, technical, regional and international data, sector by sector.

NFU President Ben Gill said: "This will enable farmers to access a vast range of information wherever they may be from the uplands of Cumbria to thSouth Downs. Up to the minute information on every farming issue will be available at the touch of a button."

The new site, which replaces all previous NFU sites, is www.nfuonline.com


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