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Country News - 2003

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Boost for national park public transport

Friday 09 May 2003

PLANS by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority to persuade more people to visit the Dales by public transport were boosted yesterday by the appointment of a full-time officer to coordinate the scheme with other local authorities.

Mark Allum is the park's new TARGET officer, which stands for an international campaign called Travel Awareness Regions Groups for Environmental Transport.

Heavy traffic clogging the roads and destroying the peace and quiet of beautiful areas is a worldwide problem and TARGET has members not only amongst British local authorities but also in Scandinavia, Germany and Holland.

The idea is to create integrated transports systems so that visitors can get to beauty spots like the Dales by bus or train, cutting the numbers of private cars on congested roads and providing better access for non-car owners.

Says Mark: "Around a quarter of households in West Yorkshire do not have access to a car. This includes people young and old, those living in the heart of the cities, as well as many in disadvantaged communities.

"Many of these people are not even aware of the possibilities of coming to the Yorkshire Dales by bus or train, or the added freedom they can gain from being able to do a walk without worrying about the journey home"


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