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Country News - 2002

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New design guide for national park
Friday 20 September 2002

PLANNING in the Yorkshire Dales National Park has long been a matter of controversy, with architects and builders often complaining that they do not understand what is required in their building designs for them to achieve planning permission.

Now, the national park authority, after months of consultation, have published a design guide in booklet form which explains what the planners feel is necessary to allow new-build projects blend with some of the park's ancient architecture.

It has been drawn up with the help of local architects but is also available to members of the public and other professionals like or estate managers planning diversification projects. Draft copies were circulated earlier in the year - and not a single objection was received.

Peter Watson, the park's head of planning, explained: "What we have set out to achieve with the guide is a publication that will assist anyone drawing up plans for a new building, a conversion or an extension.

"It sets out some basic design principles, which will allow flexibility, whilst working to maintain the characteristics of traditional buildings in the national park. It is not intended to be a rigid set of rules, but a publication that will help people draw up their plans.

"The extent to which the unique buildings of the Yorkshire Dales have survived is one of the defining characteristics of the area's landscape. It is hoped that this guide will help to further their protection by encouraging creativity in new buildings without detracting from our built heritage."

Copies can be obtained by contacting the planning services department at the on (01969) 650456 or by emailing planning@yorkshiredales.org.uk

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