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Country News - 2002

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"Incredibly important" national park plans published
Thursday 20 June

RESIDENTS of the Yorkshire Dales National Park are being invited to study draft planning proposals which, says the park authority, could impact on everybody's lives."

The clumsily named Yorkshire Dales Local Plan First Deposit is now available for people interested in putting views on planning issues which will govern future development for many years to come.

Peter Watson, the park's head of planning, commented: "The plan is an incredibly important document as it has the potential to impact on everyone's lives. It guides what can be built and where it can be built; as well as containing a number of very important measures to ensure that the environment of the national park is protected.

"The First Deposit Local Plan recognises the many social and economic changes that have taken place, both within and outside the national park, over recent years. The policies it puts forward seek to address these developments in a pragmatic manner, whilst adding to the natural and built environment of the park.

"It proposes bold policies to address the issue of affordable housing for local residents, many of whom have been priced out of the market. It also recognises the Authority's wish to encourage appropriate new businesses that cash in on the area's unique identity and high quality environment; to further the aim of a diverse rural economy."

The authority is now inviting anyone to comment on any of the policies and proposals it contains. All comments need to be received by the authority before noon, 31 July 2002.

Copies of the First Deposit are now available for reference in local libraries, national park authority offices and National Park Centres. Copies have also been sent to parish councils and a wide range of other local groups and organisations, which have an interest in the area.

A copy of the text can be viewed on the Authority's website at www.yorkshiredales.org.uk. Further copies can be obtained by calling the Authority on (01969) 650456 or by emailing planning@yorkshiredales.org.uk.

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