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Country News - 2002

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Help for car-less country folk
Thursday 17 October 2002

THE Countryside Agency has issued a new booklet designed to help solve the transport problems of people in rural communities who do not have access to a car - and there are grants available to local communities wishing to tackle the issue.

Says Nick Holliday, head of the agency's Vital Villages initiative, says: "People living in the countryside who don't have access to a car often face great difficulties getting around.

"We can help communities to solve some of these problems by providing up to £1,000 for a parish or town council to work out their transport needs and up to £10,000 to help meet those needs."

The money can be spent on projects such as car sharing schemes or taxi vouchers as well as bus or mini-bus services.

Free copies of Get your community moving are available from Countryside Agency Publications, PO Box 125, Wetherby LS23 7EP (0870-120 6466) or can be downloaded from www.countryside.gov.uk/publications

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